Day Care


  • Drop off Starting at 6AM
  •  **Please verify ahead of time if dropping off before 8:30AM
  • Pick upBefore 7:00PM


  • Two Meals$26
  • One Meal$24
  • No Meals $22
  • **Administering medication included in price

  • Add ons
  • Extra 15 min walk/play$6/session
  • Kong Treat w/ peanut butter$3/each

Come spend the day at Sunchaser Kennels!

Why Day Care?

You’ve probably heard about day care for dogs. This pet care option has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Dog owners like it because their dogs get to play and interact with other dogs and human beings during the day. Dogs like it because – well, because it’s a lot of fun!

Dog day care is an enjoyable and healthy option to crating or having a dog walker come in during the day. Some of our clients bring their dogs to daycare five or seven days a week, while others come only occasionally to give their dogs a special treat, a change of pace, or an alternative to a crate while work is being done on their house or you they away for the day. Some bring their dogs only on weekends while they run errands. Still others bring their “senior citizen” dogs because their elderly friends need to go out frequently or require medication and supervision during the day.

If you are considering a day care for your dog, here are some of the things you will want to look for when choosing a facility:

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Experienced owners and staff
  3. Staff members are with dogs at all times
  4. Tours of the facility are offered to potential clients
  5. A “potty” area, preferably outside
  6. good heating and cooling system

All in all, dog day care is good for your pet and for you. A happy dog is a joy to be around. Many owners comment on what a pleasure it is to pick up a relaxed, smiling tail-wagger at the end of the workday, rather than coming home to find 10 hours of pent-up canine energy awaiting them. Dog day care is a great option for a happy healthy pet!