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Your pets comes first here at Sunchaser Kennels. We offer a variety of services for your pets to provide them the best care and optimal comfort while your away.

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Your Pet's Bill of Rights

  1. The right to have my own space and bed, scrubbed clean every day. I do not have to share my space with other dog.
  2. The right to fresh water and two fresh meals on time every day.
  3. The right to exercise every day. If it is really nice, I can lay outside in the fresh air when I want to.
  4. The right to a real person to talk to me or comfort me. Especially if there is a thunderstorm or I am scared.
  5. The right to have visitors if my family is away and wants to check on me.
  6. The right to medical care, if I need it, from my own veterinarian.
  7. The right to have my family told everything about my stay at the kennel good or bad.
  8. The right to expect special treatment every time I come back.